This is a four (4) part class taught by Kenny Chaplin, DGA/DGC Assistant Director who was formerly a PA for Terrence Malik, Ang Lee, David Mamet and Ridley Scott!

So you want to make a film but don’t know where to start, you’ve graduated with a film degree, but don’t know how to get your ‘foot’ in the door, OR you’ve had the good fortune of being involved in a feature film that came to your community – and you now have the ‘bug’ – you WANT to work in film – sound familiar?

Stage 32 is excited to bring you the previously-recorded 4 part class: Breaking In as a Production Assistant – Everything You Need to Know About A Film Set taught by Kenny Chaplin, Assistant Director and veteran industry insider who here to teach you everything you need to know regarding below the line positions and the inner workings of major motion picture film sets.

This four (4) part class will teach you the culture, protocol, and skills required to work and stand out within the highly competitive “below-the-line” departments of the film industry. Gain the confidence to walk onto any film set with the know-how of a road weary veteran.
What You Will Learn:

Part 1: Pre-Production

What happens during pre-production? What are three key meetings crucial for pre-production, and how do you fit in? Kenny answers these and more, including running through who is on the “Director’s Team”.

Part 2: Your First Day

Kenny goes through what your first day on set looks like, including what personal belongings and “tools” might be required. He explores set protocol and etiquette, walkie talkie protocol, film lingo and background tricks of the trade and etiquette.

Part 3: Other Departments and Script Breakdown

Kenny defines the duties of various types of PA’s include “office” and “location”. He runs through the key elements of a script and how they’re broken down on set. Lastly, he discusses the various types of documents anyone on set should be familiar with.

Part 4: Safety, Unions and Resumes

Kenny discusses personal safety concerns as well as safety in the workplace. What are the key labor organizations? How do I tell time in the film business? Lastly, Kenny discusses “film friendly resumes” and how to ace the interview as well as where to find job listings.

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