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Grips and Electrics – Understanding the DP’s Lighting Team

Softcover 2016 written by Kenny Chaplin – 181 Pages

WE believe that if you know the equipment by name, you’ll make a great trainee in either department. You don’t need to know the ‘art of shaping light’ or the ‘craft of cinematography’ to be a great electrician or grip. Just know the equipment. You’ll later learn its purpose while on set.

We’ve honed our skills in smaller communities – a ‘catch-as-you-can’ environment – where one works on anything available – theatre, student films, theatrical shows, feature films, union, non-union, etc… YOU learn how to solve problems under any circumstance. We will walk you through the nuances specific to working within the departments, so you too can walk onto the ‘stage’ of your choice regardless the size of the production.



  • 50 Key Pieces of Equipment
  • How to Paint With Light
  • Non-Electrical Lighting & Shading
  • Dolly, Jibs and Cranes OH MY!
  • Working with the Camera Department
  • Working with the Director’s Team
  • Film Set Safety
  • Production Paperwork
  • Film Friendly Resumes
  • Breakdown of the Grip & Electric Department



Interested in cinematography? Interested in how the camera works with the lighting team? Those of you interested in honing your creative and technical skills should consider this manual and presentation. These two departments, ‘G&E’, are instrumental in capturing the look of a Director’s vision. Delivered with candor and humour, we bring these often-misunderstood departments to light in a weekend filled with exercises, demonstrations, and straightforward discussion.