The Director’s Team

Do YOU love solving puzzles?

(with moving pieces – sets, actors, special effects etc)

Do YOU like managing people?

(the cast, crew and above-the-line folks)

Do YOU crave to create visually?

(choreographing the Background Performers)


If so, then this is the gig for YOU!




  • DGA and DGC regulations and definitions
  • Pre-production duties of each team member
  • Production duties of each team member
  • Key Set PA / Trainee duties
  • Script breakdown and scheduling
  • Call Sheets
  • Production and Wrap reports
  • Processing and choreography of Extras
  • Walkie-Talkie management
  • Safety obligations 
of the AD staff
  • Resume and Interview overview


This 275 page manual gives YOU a ‘boots on the ground’ perspective of the job from it’s various hierarchical positions – the 1st A.D., 2nd A.D., 3rd A.D. and the set P.A. staff. The live seminar and manual provide a study of the unique tasks, systems and skill sets of the mighty Director’s team. 




Scene One  – The Director’s Team and the Guilds

Scene Two – The 1st Assistant Director

Scene Three – The 2nd Assistant Director

Scene Four – The 2nd 2nd Assistant Director / 3rd Assistant Director

Scene Five  – The Production Assistant Team / Trainee Assistant Director

Scene Six – Background Performers

Scene Seven – Walkie-Talkies

Scene Eight – Set Safety

Scene Nine – Resumes & Interviews


Kenny Chaplin – Assistant Director


Kenny has been working in the movie industry for 20+ years within the Assistant Directing department in the capacity of 1st AD, 2nd AD, 2nd 2nd AD, Key Set PA and Extras Wrangler. He has honed skills on shows such as “Runaway Jury“, “Roswell“, “Judging Amy“, “Dude, Where’s My Car?“, “End of Days“, and the American classic “Moby Dick” filmed in St. Julian, Malta. His latest film was “Look Away” starring India Eisley.

Kenny on IMDb







The seminars are either subsidized by a local group (e.g. film school, film commission), or paid per ticket by the student. If YOU would like the live seminar to come to your city, please email us – and we’ll start a registration list. When thirty-five (35) registrants have accrued, we will open registration.

please inquire via an email request – Email F.I.T.S.


Private Consultant: dependant on size and scope of the of project

please inquire via an email requestEmail F.I.T.S.


careers and dreams are worth investing in

It was at your seminar in Savannah, GA that I learned about the DGA Training Program. I applied to that, got in, worked a couple of years in New York, and now I’m back in Atlanta. Currently on Cobra Kai season two. Hit me up if you’re ever in town and need a 2nd AD!

Jim Lanier
Cobra Kai Season 2
Key 2nd AD

Hi Kenny,
I just spent 4 days working on Dark Sky in the North West Territories of Canada. I wasn’t an AD, the things I learned in your course were invaluable on set. 
Scott Couthier

I just finished reading the Assistant Directing manual today … WOW!

Coming from absolutely no experience in film production at all, this manual was both extremely insightful and encouraging! It opened my eyes to so many factors and logistics that can go into a single day of smooth-running film. Thank you!

John Sluis