A Production Office Master Class

The heart and headquarters of any feature film, TV film or TV series is the Production Office.

If YOU like a fast paced work environment. If YOU love to multi-task. And if YOU are fond of people…

THIS is the place for YOU!



Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Getting the Interview
  • Making Your Deals
  • Accounting
  • Setting up the Production Office
  • When Does Preparation Actually Start?
  • The Casting Department
  • Getting Closer to Shooting
  • The Final Push
  • The Shoot Begins
  • Prepping to Wrap
  • Prologue A: Crew Positions
  • Prologue B: Where to Find Photos
  • Prologue C: List of All Forms

Carol Kravetz – Production Coordinator

Carol has been a Production Coordinator in Film & Television for over 30 years, in entertainment for over 60. Some of her film and television credits include features for MGM, Embassy, AIP, Filmways & TNT, two mini-series for Warner Brothers, Queen; Roots III and Heaven & Hell; North & South III, and movies of the week for HBO & USA Network.  Her series television credits include Showtime Red Shoes Diaries, Nickelodeon Brothers Garcia, 20th/Sony Party Of Five, FX’s It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Showtime/Sony Huff and her last show that she retired on was AMC/Sony Breaking Bad.


Carol is now involved in a collaboration with Kenny Chaplin and Film Industry Training Seminars, LLC, in which she is excited to give back to the film & entertainment community that gave her so much over the years. She has written a manual and has created and launched a LIVE workshop on being an experienced Production Coordinator. She hopes to give students, career transitioning adults and Veterans of the Armed Forces a good sense of the business end of making movies. Her current live seminar, webinar and book is titled –  Production Coordinator: The Production Office Master Class.


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The seminar is typically subsidized by a local group (such as a film school, or film commission), or paid per ticket by the student.

IF you would like the seminar to come to your city, please email us.

When thirty-five (35) registrants have accrued, we will open registration.

please inquire via an email request – Email F.I.T.S.



Private Consultant: Dependant on size and scope of the of project

please inquire via an email request – mailto: Email F.I.T.S.





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With over 30 years of experience in the Film and Television industry, Carol Kravetz will bring a wealth of practical knowledge, insights and some amazing Hollywood stories to assist in your new and exciting journey ahead! I had the rewarding experience of working for Carol on the Emmy Award winning, hit television series, Breaking Bad. Her systematic and effective Production Office process was so well planned and easy to follow that it paved the way for success on all of my future shows. The value to her easy to follow process is that it creates a smooth functioning base for the show’s support teams to rely on. This saves time, money and makes everyone happy…and that’s what a great Production Office is all about! I’m glad I followed her path to success and you will be, too!” – Elissa Kannon, Production Coordinator (Better Call Saul)

There is no one more qualified in the film and television industry to teach a course on Production Coordinating than Carol Kravetz. Her years of experience, expertise and knowledge are invaluable.  Having taken this course with Carol, and also having served as her Assistant Production Coordinator for several years, I can personally attest to this fact. What I learned from Carol has allowed me to further develop my skills, and successfully take on the role of Production Coordinator.  This course is a MUST for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a Production Coordinator”. – Pamela Brown,  Production Coordinator,  Los Angeles, CA

“This class is worth every cent and probably more! Great course content, engaging knowledgeable instructor…she knows POC “inside-out”. If you have a chance to take her class, do it!!”  -Theresa B, West Virginia

Click on a photo for a slide show of Carol in action!

Carol On the Job