Script Breakdown and Scheduling Services




A script breakdown consists of notating a script scene-by-scene for every element required. Because each scene has a multitude of intertwined factors that need to be budgeted, a breakdown page must consider items such as cast, props, background performers, picture vehicles, storyline days, additional crew, locations, sets within a location, day/night, interior/exterior, questions for the Director and writer, special effects make-up, animals, armours and much much more. The information is entered into a software program (we use Movie Magic Scheduling) and documents of many shapes and sizes can by generated for all budgetary and initial planning desires.


This is one of the most important organizing feats for your film – it sets the path.

Getting it done right is a cost effective ‘spend’ before you go into pre-production.


Your script is then scheduled based upon it’s written words – not upon the yet known physical and financial logistics of the locations, cast, sets etc. It is meant for initial budgetary purposes, and is often used to attract (or convince) investors. Before going into pre-production a producer can begin to create a realistic budget for the project from this initial schedule and its tabulations. Once green lit and into pre-production, your chosen 1st Assistant Director will review this initial schedule, and create a pre-production Shooting Schedule based upon the then or soon to be known particulars and specifics of your location, Cast, finances, etc.


The schedule is the life line of a film.  It is your guide to follow. It is the REALITY of what can fit in to a shooting day and your budget. It dictates what creative aspects stay and what get cut out. If not followed, your time is wasted and so is your money.

In a timely manner, your script will be broken down and / or scheduled, and  returned to you in a both PDF and MOVIE MAGIC format.


What does this Cost?


10 – 15 page script = $300 USD

15 – 30 page script = $500 USD

30-90 page script = $800 USD

90 – 120 page script = $1000 USD



  • Delivery of initial file within fourteen (14) business days
  • Two (2) revisions are included
  • A complete PDF file:
    • includes Cast, Picture Vehicle, Background Performer etc Day-Out-Of-Days (DOOD), Chronological Breakdown, One Line Schedule, and a scene-by-scene Element Breakdown schedule.
  • A complete original MMS file


 Script Breakdown and Scheduling Services





This service will be available in the late Fall of 2017.

In the meantime, please check out Shane Scott‘s wonderful service