The ‘On-Set Editor’

This live seminar and training manual begins with set safety and protocol, and continues with in-depth Script Supervisor responsibilities, effective prep, what to expect day-to-day, the importance of good note taking and clever on-set problem solving. It delves deep into creating organizational systems, slating systems, shot coverage, completing the necessary daily documents, and communicating with the numerous other departments.


Much of the material would be advantageous for other on-off set positions such as Acting, Writing, Editing, Assistant Directing, and most certainly for those who are Directing.


  • Working on Set and the Script Supervisor
  • The Language and the People
  • Set Safety, Set Protocol and Other Useful Information
  • Getting the job
  • Introduction to Prep, Creating Breakdowns and your Script
  • Your Kit and Getting Organized
  • Prepping with other departments
  • First Day on a Production and Working with Others
  • The Camera and Slating, Sound
  • Completing Paperwork on Set
  • Your Scripts and Daily Wrap
  • Coverage and Axis, Multiple Cameras
  • Problem solving
  • Advanced and Miscellaneous Concepts
  • Wrap and Post-Production

Seminar & Manual content:

Scene 1    The Script Supervisor: What do they do & what is continuity?

Scene 2    Continuity with other departments

Scene 3    Elements of a Script

Scene 4    Timing and page counts

Scene 5    Breakdowns

Scene 6    Your working script

Scene 7    Shot descriptions

Scene 8    The Camera and Slating

Scene 9    Sound

Scene 10   Your working script

Scene 11   Photos and playback

Scene 12   Problem Solving

Scene 13   Talking to Directors and Actors

Scene 14   Completing forms on set

Scene 15   The Master Script

Scene 16   Multiple Cameras

Scene 17   Daily Wrap/Prep

Scene 18   The Rule of Axis

Scene 19   Coverage

Scene 20   Shooting

Scene 21   Vehicles, FX Stunts

Scene 22   Wrap

Scene 23   Finding the Job, Your Resume, and the Interview

Scene 24   Admin: Your Contract and Timesheets

Scene 25   Review: timing, pg ct, breakdown, and forms.

Scene 26   Gathering your kit

Scene 27   Creating an organizational system

Scene 28   Prep with other departments and meetings

Scene 29   Safety

Scene 30   Protocol

Hey Directors!

Do you know how a Script Supervisor can assist/improve your project/save your butt? YOU SHOULD! Come find out all about a Script Supervisor’s job and how this knowledge and a good working relationship with your Script Supervisor can be a HUGE asset to any project.


Hey Editors!

You know those notes you get from set? They’re not automatically generated. They come from a person whose job it is to make your life easier! Come find out what the Script Supervisor – the “on-set editor” – does to help ensure that you don’t spend countless hours in the edit suite pulling your hair out. Plus, if you ever get sick of sitting in front of a screen all day, Script Supervising may be a great option for you.


Hey Producers!

Sure you hire them, but do you really know what a Script Supervisor does? Come and find out the point behind all their chicken scratch, numbers, letters, and why they insist on another take therefore spending more money. All this information will make you a better boss.


Hey Actors!

You know that person who’s always telling you that you said or did something wrong? Well, they’re not doing it to be annoying. They’re doing it to help you! The Script Supervisor is trying to make you look good which means more potential for screen time. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Come learn about a Script Supervisor’s job and how thinking like they do can make you a better film actor.

Lisa Postma – Script Supervisor

Lisa, a former member of I.A.T.S.E. for over ten (10) years, has been a script supervisor on MOW’s, TV Series, commercials and feature films such as WolfCop, Step Dogs, InSecurity, Lullaby for Pi and many more. She has worked hand-in-hand with Directors Jeff Beesley, Jennifer Lynch, and Benoit Philippon. While on-set she has guided line delivery into the mouths of Forest Whitaker, Bill Pullman, Julia Ormond, and Christian Slater.

Her current Live Seminar and book is titled –  Script Supervision: The ‘On-set’ Editor.

Lisa on IMDB

A few photo’s of Lisa in the thick of it on set!