Become a Costume Assistant


In this seminar and manual, we discuss the inner workings of the costume department through its cast of characters, duties, culture, systems, and lingo. We look at what is expected of you on the job, what to wear, and the unsaid protocols and etiquette – so that YOU can make an strong unforgettable impression on your first day.


This workshop and/or manual will also give you a better understanding of how a costume enhances the character and what to do with each in the prep, shoot and wrap phases for the filmmaking process.


  • Defining the department positions and duties
  • Setting up the Costume Department
  • Budgeting 
and scheduling
  • The Costume truck
  • Tagging boxes, shipping and packing
  • Breakdown of the script 
for Costume
  • Petty cash
and shopping
  • Wrapping the Department
  • Costume Binders: Costume 
and Continuity
  • Fittings 
and the fitting room
  • Working with actors and background 

When you attend our Costume Seminar, you will also receive a copy of Terra’s comprehensive book.  Inside, you’ll find detailed information to help you prepare for a career in the Costume Department.



Table of Contents


Scene 1: What is a Costume PA?

Scene 2: Costume PA Duties
Pre-production, Production and Post

Scene 3: Organizing Production Paperwork

Scene 4: How to Prepare for the Work Day on Set

Scene 5: What to wear? What To Wear?

Scene 6: Before You Get The Job and After

Scene 7: How Planet Costume Rotates in the Production Universe

Scene 8: Costume Inspiration and Resources

Scene 9: Love, Peace and Wardrobe

Bonus: Tops and Bottoms – 10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts for a Costume PA

Film Terminology

Terra Patterson – Costume Department

Terra has been working in the Costume Department of the Film & Television industry for over fifteen (15) years. She has helmed the department as a designer, worked as a Production Assistant, Buyer, Costume supervisor, Additional Costumer, and Truck wizard. With experience on features, shorts, television series and live events, her credits include: Homeland, South of Hell, Lincoln’s Last Day, Identity, Teachers and numerous Independent feature films. She recently completed Mountain Top.

Her current Live Seminar, webinar and book is titled – The Costume Department: Become a Costume Assistant.

Terra on IMDB



The workshop is either subsidized by a local group such as a film school, or film commission, or paid per ticket by the student. IF you would like the live seminar to come to your city, please email us – and we’ll start a registration list. When thirty-five (35) registrants have accrued, we will open registration.

please inquire via an email request – Email F.I.T.S.



Private Consultant: Dependant on size and scope of the of project

please inquire via an email request – mailto: Email F.I.T.S.


careers and dreams are worth investing in

(hint: this is a more affordable, practical and results driven investment than a typical film school degree)


Great education and training for anyone who is a fan of film, TV, or entertainment. Not just for industry professionals but truly for those who’ve always wished to get involved in the industry. This is hands on, practical experience you can put to use immediately.

Barbara M – Charleston, WV 2015

I will be attending all F.I.T.S. programs offered in West Virginia. Top notch instruction.. From my experience, these courses are very beneficial to anyone currently working or wanting to work in the film industry.

Matt H – Charleston, WV 2015

Totally enjoyable. I am soaking info like a sponge. Presented in a way its ingestable and understandable.

Fred L – Charleston, WV 2015

I had a great time! T’Mo is a great asset to the amazing presenters I have met in the F.I.T.S. programs.

Johnny S – Charleston, WV 2015