Script Supervision – The ‘On-Set’ Editor

2017 written by Lisa Postma – 232 Pages

This live seminar and manual begins with set safety and protocol, and continues with Script Supervisor responsibilities, effective prep, what to expect day-to-day, the importance of good note taking and basic on-set problem solving. As well, creating your own organizational system, slating systems, shot coverage, completing the necessary daily documents, and communicating with the numerous other departments.



  • The Language and the People
  • Set Safety and Protocol
  • Getting the job
  • Prep, Creating Breakdowns and your Script
  • Your Kit
  • Prepping with other Departments
  • First Day on a Production
  • Sound
  • The Camera and Slating
  • Completing Paperwork on Set
  • Your Scripts and Daily Wrap
  • Coverage and Axis, Multiple Cameras
  • Problem solving
  • Advanced and Miscellaneous Concepts
  • Wrap and Post-Production



Anyone wishing to pursue Directing and Editing, in addition to those wanting
to begin a career as a Script Supervisor shouldn’t leave home without this material under their belt. With it, you’ll become a better shooter and cutter. Understanding The Script Supervisor’s role as the “on-set editor” will help anyone interested in ensuring the correct angles are covered and how to shoot so that you can sew it all together.


  CREATOR: Lisa Postma, a former member of I.A.T.S.E., was a Script Supervisor on MOW’s, TV Series, and feature films such as WolfCop, Step Dogs, InSecurity, Lullaby for Pi, Dolan’s Cadillac and many more. She has worked with Directors Jeff Beesley, Jennifer Lynch, and Benoit Philippon, and while on-set she has given dialogue and continuity notes to actors Forest Whitaker, Bill Pullman, Julia Ormond, Wes Bentley and Christian Slater among others.