The Production Office CoordinatorA Production Office Master Class

2017 written by Carol Kravetz – 230 Pages


The heart of any film or TV show is the Production Office. Within it cast and crew are hired and coordinated, equipment is ordered
and received, and deals are cut. At the center of this activity is the Production Office Coordinator (POC). Along with a team consisting of a travel coordinator, Assistant POC, and Production Assistants, the POC helps orchestrate the production.

The position requires adept organizational skills, resourcefulness and the ability to handle a multitude of tasks simultaneously under often high- pressure situations. Important skills one must have include: organization and multitasking, strong computer skills, team leading, and communication. The more systematized and efficient the production office is, the smoother things should run on set.



  • Requirements of a POC
  • Production-Office set up
  • Pre-Production Duties
  • Production Duties
  • Working-with-Cast & Crew
  • Job placement & Interviewing
  • Deal memo’s & Accounting
  • Lists and Forms & Insurance
  • Casting Office set up
  • Wrapping the Company


WHO SHOULD READ THIS MANUAL : Anyone interested in becoming an in-demand office PA, APOC, POC, or UPM should know how the Production Office operates inside and out, on and off the clock, and behind closed doors. For those of you already working in the film office environment – this material will give you that leg up in understanding how the machine works. For anyone new to the film industry, this material is the perfect vehicle to utilize organizational, inter personal, and business skills.




       CREATOR: Carol “Ck” Kravetz has been a Production Coordinator in Film & Television for over 30 years. Her credits include features films for MGM, Embassy, AIP, Filmways, Warner Brothers, HBO & USA Network. Her series television credits include Showtime, Nickelodeon, 20th Century Fox, and Sony. The last show that she retired on was AMC/Sony “Breaking Bad”…not a bad one to go out on, hey?!