Understanding the DP’s Lighting Team


Key Grips and Gaffers tell us that if trainee’s knew the equipment by name, in addition to the nuances of each department, they’d make for great crew members. You don’t need to know the ‘art of shaping light’ or the ‘craft of cinematography’ to be a valuable lighting technician or grip. Know the equipment as you’ll learn its purpose while on the set.


Possibly like your town, we’ve honed our skills in a ‘catch-as-you-can’ environment – where one works on everything available – theatre, student films, theatrical shows, feature films, union, non-union, etc… One learns how to solve problems under any circumstance.


We will walk you through the nuances specific to working within the departments, so you too can walk onto the ‘stage’ of your choice regardless the size of the production.



  • 50 Key Pieces of Equipment
  • How to Paint With Light
  • Non-Electrical Lighting & Shading
  • Dolly, Jibs and Cranes OH MY!
  • Working with the Camera Department
  • Working with the Director’s Team
  • Film Set Safety
  • Production Paperwork
  • Film Friendly Resumes
  • Breakdown of the Grip & Electric Department

Instructor Dan Allers – Gaffer and Key Grip

Dan has been lighting the entertainment field since 1978 across a wide spectrum of environments has provided lighting designs for more than 520 live stage productions, been the Gaffer on many television shows, commercials and feature films. He has lit commercial, and retail buildings, inside and out. His film credits include: “Not This Part of the World“, “Magic ValleyBreakaway“, “Mark of the Veil“, “Antiques Road Show“, “Teach“, and many many more…

Dan on IMDB


SEMINAR & MANUAL contents:

When you attend the Seminar, you will receive a copy of this comprehensive training manual.  The book will be available for download purchase from this website in the Spring of 2019. Inside, you’ll find clear and concise information to help you prepare for a career in the Grip and Electric Department.

Table of Contents


Scene 1 – The Film Business in a nutshell

Scene 2 – Why are they coming here to shoot a film?

Scene 3 – Crew Positions

Scene 4 – The Electric Department

Scene 5 – The Grip Department

Scene 6 – Prep, Shoot, and Wrap with key equipment

Scene 7 – Lighting Techniques

Scene 8 – Insider Trade Tips

Scene 9 – Set Safety

Scene 10 – Walkie Talkies

Scene 11 – Landing a job



 * This training manual will be available for PDF download purchase


for hardcopy purchase (plus shipping and handling) by early Fall 2019 *




Are you interested in cinematography? Curious as to how the camera team works with the lighting team? Puzzled by all the equipment and their funny names. Those of you interested in honing your creative and technical skills should consider this seminar and training manual. These two departments are instrumental in capturing the look of a Director’s vision via the Director of Photography. Delivered with candor and humour, we bring these often-misunderstood departments to light in a weekend filled with exercises, demonstrations, and straightforward discussion.







The workshop is either subsidized by a local group such as a film school, or film commission, or paid per ticket by the student. IF you would like the live seminar to come to your city, please email us – and we’ll start a registration list. When thirty-five (35) registrants have accrued, we will open registration.

please inquire via an email request – Email F.I.T.S.



Private Consultant: Dependant on size and scope of the of project

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