The film industry is hungry for talented crew members.

If you’re interested in a film industry job, we have the training you need to get started in a career in this fun, fast-paced, exciting industry.

Welcome to FITS – Film Industry Training Seminars. We can help you open those doors.

That’s Carol, on the right.  She’s a FITS instructor.  This is her on set.  Recognize the other person?

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" (2006) Los Angeles Ck with Danny DeVito

“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” (2006) Los Angeles Ck with Danny DeVito

Does This Sound Like You?

I Don't Have Enough Film Industry Experience

You say you don’t have any film industry experience? Don’t worry – neither did some of us here at FITS when we started.

I already have a career and don't have time to start over.

You say you’re already in a career and don’t think you can drop everything to start over? Also, no worries. There are many shorter productions where you can work for a few days to get some experience – maybe right in your community!

I have a film school degree and don't know what to do next.

You say you have a film school degree and don’t know what to do next? You are in the right place – we can help you get the training to get a job on the set of major productions and start building your resume.

Why Train with FITS?
  • Industry experts with on-the-set experience
  • Comprehensive live seminars, instruction manuals and webinars
  • Ongoing support, including film industry job listings
  • A proven track record of helping people take that first step into a film industry job
  • Learn the way that works best for you – live seminars, instruction manuals or webinarsLearn the way that works best for you – live seminars, instruction manuals or webinars
  • We have been hired by some of the best film commissions and universities


What is a Below-The-Line Job?

Our training at FITS focuses on what are called “below-the-line” jobs. Just what are these jobs? These are the jobs that have to be done to turn a script into a movie. Ask yourself, who actually sets up all those lights? Who makes sure all the costumes are ready? Who keeps everyone fed? Who does all the billion and one essential jobs that have to be done to actually make a movie?

You can be sure that it’s not the actors. Or the directors. Or the producers. It’s the production assistants, the costume coordinators, the production coordinators.

So, wherever you are on your path to a film industry career, we can help open the doors. Start by exploring one of these career paths.

Watch the Credits

The next time you watch a movie, take a close look at the credits – not the ones at the beginning. The ones at the end. Look at the hundreds and hundreds of people who work on a film. Look at the job titles. These are the people that make a movie happen. And these are where the jobs are in the film industry.

How do I Start?

You can take your first step towards a career in the film industry this very moment – and it won’t cost you a dime.

How? Read through the descriptions of each of the careers we offer training for. You’ll learn more about what each of these jobs is like and learn which one is the best place for you to start.

What Can I do After That?

Our trainers are living their dreams of working in the film industry. Take a look at their bios – then be sure to follow the links to their IMDB pages. Look at all those films they have worked on. Look at the kinds of exciting jobs they have done. Look at the amazing people they have worked with.


And After That?

Pick the career you want to start with. Then, choose the training you want to start with. Sign up for a live seminar. Order the instruction manual. Watch the webinar. Or, just start by getting on our email newsletter list.


Film Commissions and Universities That Have Hired FITS


Bring FITS to Your Region

Our teachers are industry experts and they are available to bring training to your region. Our live seminars are perfect for film schools that want to offer practical training for students. Film Commissions can also benefit by building a base of trained crew in your region, a necessity for attracting productions. Call us or email us to learn about scheduling a seminar in your region.

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