This FORM page is currently under development.

By late Winter 2018 – you’ll have access to over 100 forms in an editable format.

Assistant Directing Forms

The Assistant Directing Department’s main job is to communicate information to the Cast, Crew and Producers. One specific way of doing so is via a concise, articulate and well presented paper-trail. Hours upon hours of your future life have been saved by our offering of these forms to you. Dig in!

Enjoy using them as much as I ‘enjoyed’ painfully creating them through the past twenty (20) years.

LINKS to download these forms will be made available in the late Winter of 2018

2nd Assistant Director


  • Call Sheets
  • 8x11 call sheet
  • 8x14 call sheet
  • Commercial Call Sheet in EXCEL
  • Firearms Safety Guidelines for Call Sheets
  • Logistics Schedule
  • Movement Order
  • Parental Consent form
  • Photo Release Form
  • Prep Schedule
  • Temperature Converter
  • Turnaround Cheat sheet


3rd Assistant Director


  • Honeywagon kit list
  • Cast Forms
    • Actor Grid
    • Exhibit G
    • H/MU/W chart
    • Minor School form
    • Nudity Release
    • Prep Work reports
    • Freelance Crew Deal memo
  • Daily Wrap Report
  • Production Reports
  • ACTRA Child book

Trainee/Set PA forms


  • Background Performers
    • BG Voucher breakdown
  • Company Wrap Report
  • Department Wrap schedule
  • Lunch report
  • Walkie forms
  • Walkie Talkie sign out form
  • Limited Experience Resume

Production Coordinator Forms

In Production Coordinator: The Production Office Master Class, Carol Kravetz presents road tested material backed up with forms created during her thirty (30) years in the film industry on such shows as Huff!, Party of Five, and Breaking Bad. Take one small step in making your production work more efficiently…download these forms. An invaluable resource.

LINKS to download these forms will be made available in the late Winter of 2018


  • Crew Deal Memo
  • DGA Deal memos
    • UPM & Assistant Directors
    • Directors
  • EP Start Form
    • EP Start form with W4 at bottom
    • Attached I9 document
  • EP Loan out form
  • W9 – all vendors must fill this out
  • Box/Computer Rental form
    • Box Inventory List (if applicable)
  • Car Allowance form (if applicable)
  • Cell Phone allowance form (if applicable)
  • Timecards
  • Purchase Orders
  • Check Requests
  • Petty Cash
    • Petty cash envelope – turn in for turn-around
    • Petty cash envelope – turn in at wrap
  • Office Supply List
  • Printer Ink Form
  • Letterhead example
  • Business Cards example
  • Office File List
  • Day out of Days
  • Travel movement/memo example
  • DGA Data Report
  • SAG-AFTRA Contract Reporting example
  • Hierarchical Chart
  • Crew List example
  • Script cover with color codes example
  • Telephone Extension List example
  • Insurance Request Form
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Vehicle Accident Report for autos, trucks, trailers
  • Property Damage and Loss Report
  • Daily Time Sheet
  • Distribution List example
  • Distribution Log example
  • Daily Prep Schedule example
  • State of XYZ Union Form
  • Asset Inventory Memo example
  • Asset Inventory Form
  • Cast (Artist) Deal Memo
  • Station 12 example request
  • Cast List example
  • Cast Day Out of Days
  • SAG-AFTRA Daily, Three-Day or Weekly Actor Contract
  • Taft Hartley Report
  • Exhibit G
  • Hot Lock List form
  • Run Slip form
  • Daily Production Assistant Assignments
  • One Line Schedule example
  • Shooting Schedule example
  • Morning Paperwork Distribution
  • Call Sheet
  • Production Report
  • Daily Progress Report (Lunch and Wrap)
  • Walkie Request for run of show by department
  • Walkie Inventory form
  • Extra Talent Voucher
  • Extra Daily Breakdown
  • Wrap Book Contents memo example
  • Contact List example
  • Availability List example
  • Fact Sheet

Costume Department Forms

An invaluable resource, the below forms will insure you are unforgettable as communication is key with so many moving ‘pieces’ within this department. Terra has amassed a collection of forms which will make your life SO much easier.

LINKS to download these forms will be made available in the late Winter of 2018

  • Sizing Forms
  • Labor spreadsheet
  • Order forms
  • Return policy

Script Supervision Forms

With over thirty (30) industry standard forms to choose from, Lisa provides you with the tools to step into this position and be an unforgettable Script Supervisor.

LINKS to download these forms will be made available in the late Winter of 2018

  • Timing sheet
  • Daily log
  • Script Supervisor’s Production Report