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Costume Department: Become a Costume Assistant

Softcover 2017 written by Terra Patterson – 190 Pages

In this live seminar and training manual, we will discuss how costume serves the story and how to costume your cast. This workshop will give you a better understanding of how you can use costume to enhance your characters and what to do in the prep, shoot and wrap phases for the costuming process. It details what YOU need to know for your first day working within the Department.


  • Defining the department positions and duties
  • Setting up the Costume Department
  • Budgeting 
and scheduling
  • The Costume truck
  • Tagging boxes, shipping and packing
  • Breakdown of the script 
for Costume
  • Petty cash
and shopping
  • Wrapping the Department
  • Costume Binders: Costume 
and Continuity
  • Fittings 
and the fitting room
  • Working with actors and background 



Anyone with a thirst for costume design, fashion design, character development, Directing, and general film set etiquette and safety.